Patch for Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 (PES) 1.02

Fixes glitches in the 2010 edition of Konami's soccer video-game franchise

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    (PES) 1.02

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    Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows XP

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This program is a software updating patch for the PC game Pro Evolution Soccer 2010. Pro Evolution Soccer (or PES) allows the user to step onto the pitch as a player on one of the famous soccer teams. Users will control the player during the match and have the option to alter many settings outside of the matches. This update, deemed 1.02, is meant to enhance content for this popular game.

Patch 1.02 is a small patch mainly targeted at fixing some problems and bugs within the code of the game. The first major change is directed at a data files resetting after being altered. This patch fixes this issue so that in the future the changes made by the player will not be restored to default settings.

The last major change in the patch targets online Quick Matches. With the update, users with differing CPU manufacturers will no longer be matched up against each other through the Quick Match interface. This was done to address previous issues with the Quick Match feature and differing CPUs between players connected online.

There has been a note placed on the patch from developers. They instruct users to expect the patch to hang at some points when installing. The program may appear to be frozen, but it is indeed working and just requires more time. The developers ask that you do not attempt to close and retry installation with this patch until you are confident the program is frozen.

Overall, this patch is pretty cut and dry. The updates to the game are there to prevent bugs from occurring during user play experiences. Perhaps in a future patch we will see them restore the Quick Match feature to users that wish to play with differing CPUS.

The pros and cons for patch 1.02 for Pro Evolution Soccer break down like this:


When you edit data within your game, the values will not be reset to default any longer.

You will no longer experience errors or problems as a result of differing CPUs in Quick Match.


You can no longer play against users using a CPU different from your own in Quick Matches.

Patch 1.02 installation can be finicky and appear to be stalled or frozen at times.

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